Youngevity Review- The Secrets Revealed


Youngevity and Why I Believe We All Need It

youngevityYoungevity is a company I heard about back in January, and I really like the direction they are moving in.  I’ve always been a strong supporter of finding alternative forms of health care for prevention and treatment of any problem your body is having.  I know how much the health care system and medical doctors keep from us in order to line their pockets with money.  IMO, it’s seems like MD’s from across the country would rather see people loaded up on prescription drugs than to see them healthy.  If everyone was healthy, they would be out of a job.  That means what they are doing is making sure that the person doesn’t get well so they continue to come back.  Anyway, I’m not involved with this company in any way, but I wanted to give you all an independent review so you can decide if they are a company you want to get involved with.

In my honest opinion, from what I’ve seen and heard about Youngevity, they really care about changing the lives of millions of people across the world who are looking to prevent or treat certain ailments and diseases.  I think this company really does want you to feel better and live better, more fulfilling lives.  They are providing a strong alternative to living healthy and staying away from the corrupt medical system.   Disease and sickness continues to go up in this country, and we have to start looking at why it is happening and why our MD’s are not helping the problem.  In fact, they seem to be making it worse.

youngevityFrom the research I have done, it all comes down to our soils which are depleted of nutrients.  Back in the day, before pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and all different kinds of chemicals, our soil had almost all of the nutrients that our body needed.  The majority of people where healthy even though they were way behind on technology because their bodies had everything they need to fight off sickness and disease.  Our bodies were able to take care of themselves for the most part.

Studies have shown that we all need around 90 essential nutrients/ trace elements for our body to function at it’s very best.  Well, studies have also shown that the majority of nutrients and trace elements that used to be in our soil are gone, and it’s damn near impossible to get all the essential nutrients from the food that we eat.  That’s where Youngevity comes in.

What is Youngevity and Where Did They Come From?

Youngevity is a direct selling company out of San Diego, California.  They were co-founded by Drs. Joel D Wallach, DVM, ND and Ma Lan, MD, MS in 1997.  They provide innovative alternative health care products to a very loyal customer/distributor base.  I’ve seen and heard of hundreds if not thousands of people who live and die by these products.  I actually heard about them thru and the Alex Jones Channel on Youtube.  I literally watched over a matter of months Alex lose over 40 pounds and Aaron Dykes around 85 pounds.  The funny thing is, the products are even advertised as weight loss products.  The reason it helps you lose weight is because it’s an appetite suppressant.  Our bodies are constantly starving for the 90 essential nutrients, that’s why people in this country and from across the globe continue to eat more and more calories.  Since the Youngevity products provide those essential nutrients, we don’t need to eat as much to get what we need.

They operate on a multi level marketing platform, which I believe was a great idea.  This allows people to not only use the great product line, they can also help spread the word and make good income doing it.  There is definitely a great opportunity for you to make quite a bit of money with Youngevity promoting their over 400 products.  I’m going to go over all the products because there’s pretty much everything you could think of.  You can check out the product line by clicking this link.

How to Grow a Large Youngevity Organization

If you’re good with sales and marketing, you could be looking at a potentially life changing opportunity here.   Like I said before, I’m not involved with this company (yet), but I see the potential here.  More and more people are turning to alternate forms of prevention and treatment for their ailments and problems.  More and more people are losing trust in our health care system (especially since Obamacare passed).  More and more MD’s are getting fed up with the system as well.   More and more people are realizing they need to take their health into their own hands.  More and more people are taking responsibility for their financial situation and that’s why the home based business is thriving right now.  And I don’t blame them.  But what does it really take to make money with Youngevity?

This is what the Youngevity site says about their compensation plan:

“Youngevity has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. The Youngevity Compensation Plan is what’s known as a Unilevel compensation plan. This payment structure essentially allows you to sign up as many Associates as you can. As they advance through the organization, your income will grow. Your personal compensation depends on your ability to identify like-minded individuals to join your organization and to guide them to eventually become Leaders themselves. Generally, you’re looking for individuals who, just like you:

  • Are interested in owning their own businesses
  • Want control over the hours they work
  • Want the freedom to determine their income

One of the great advantages of the Youngevity Compensation Plan is that your income is essentially limitless…many of our Team Members make six—or even seven—figures annually! It’s up to you to determine your own success, through the people you bring on board and by the amount of dedication and hard work you’re willing to invest in your business.”  See the full compensation plan here.

Sounds pretty cool right?  Who knows, this could be way your way to financial independence.  But I’m gonna tell you something that many people will not mention when they talk about their MLM companies.  This is the secret of the top marketers in the industry.  Ready?

youngevityJust because you have a good product line, a great company, or great leadership, doesn’t mean that you will make money in the MLM industry.  In fact, the majority of people who get in this business fail for a number of reasons.  In fact, I wouldn’t say they fail, more like they quit before they get the results that they want.  The thing is, most people are used to trading time and work for money.  It’s different in this industry though, you have to be self motivated and make yourself take daily action.  You need to treat your business like a business, not a hobby.  If you aren’t serious about your business, your income won’t be very serious either.  Here are some tips for succeeding in this industry:

  • Sponsor as many leaders as possible
  • Grow your team and spend time developing your leaders
  • Generate leads on a daily basis
  • Ask Needs Based Questions instead of convincing people to join you.  See if you are someone that could help them with the problem they are having.
  • Use a marketing system/back office with a company presentation.
  • Direct as many people as possible to your presentation.  This is a numbers game, most will not get involved, but some will.  This isn’t for everyone, just let the presentation do the “selling”.  You sponsor more people because more people see it, it’s that simple.
  • Ask for referrals from everyone.  If you talk to someone and they tell you no, ask if they know someone who may be interested.
  • Become an attractive marketer/businessperson.  People only join people they know, like, and trust.
  • Constantly be learning.  Put the time into your success.  Find out your how-to and start taking action.  Find out your Why-tos and your why-not tos when it comes to owning a business.  Get those sorted out because most of your why not tos are in your subconscious mind (but more powerful).  Once you expose them, start changing your thought patterns.  Many people hold themselves back from success with their “head trash”.  That little voice that tells you you can’t do something, or you’re not good enough, or you don’t deserve it, or whatever it is.  Eliminate that.  Read success and wealth books, and make sure you read daily.  Learn more about what I was talking about in the book “The Secret Code of Success- By Noah St. John.”  Your how- to’s will never matter until you get your Why- to’s sorted out.
  • Invest in your success.  Get involved with trainings, ebooks, bootcamps, anything that will help you figure out what you need to do to generate leads and sponsor more people.  Learn how to use the social networks, how to blog, how to get ranked, whatever it is that will help you get more exposure.  Go get my bootcamp on the right side of the screen if you want to find out how I generate leads on a daily basis for my business.
  • Get the tools that you are going to need to achieve your goals.
  • Focus on Value and teaching other people what you know.  The more people you help solve their problems, the more people that will want to work with you.
  • Make a decision, know that you can do it, and just start taking action.  Massive action leads to massive success.  Put in the time now and later everything will become easier as you start to get results.  I believe in you, you can do this.  You have what it takes.  You are a beautiful, intelligent human being who was made in the image of your creator.  You, my friend are badass.  You are strong and motivated.  And I know you have what it takes to succeed with Youngevity or any other business.

To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

p.s.  You are awesome.  Thanks for stopping by.  Don’t take my words lightly though, make sure to get my free bootcamp on the right side.  I promise you it will be worth it and it will change your business.  You can also Check out Empower Network to get your own blog for $25 and start earning 100% promoting it.  It will help you get tons of traffic and leads, plus front end sales to fund your marketing strategy. (Unless you already have too many leads.)

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UPDATE 9/2012 – I decided to start promoting this company because I tried the products and fell in love with them.  If you want to learn how to make a 6 figure income promoting this company, make sure to get involved in my inner circle by joining my team here.


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