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Are you a network marketer struggling to create the lifestyle that you were expecting?  Are you bashing your “warm” market everyday trying to convince someone to join your opportunity? If so, I know what you’re going through, I went through the same phase in the beginning of my network marketing career.  Today, I’m here to show you how to incorporate the lastest frenzy of the social network and Facebook into your business so you can start getting some free leads today.

What can the Social Network do for you?

The Social Network is a very complex and intriguing concept that is difficult for many people to grasp, that’s why I’m here to show you some simple steps that will help you create some free leads if, and only IF, you take action and actually start implementing the strategies.

This is some training that will help you become famous on facebook and other social media sites in 60 days if you are willing to put in the work.  Now, facebook is the biggest but there are others out there, these include Bebo, Myspace, Ning, Blogster, Orkut, Netlog, LinkedIn, etc.

These are the 4 steps for viral exposure:

1) Create a fun and compelling profile page; you could be posting valuable content that could help other network marketers through blogposts, videos, links, and things of the like.

2) Create a group using your name in the title, this is where you can get all the people who are interested in you to join as one community.

3) Create a fan page with your picture and name in it, this is where you can create a following and post more valuable content.

4) Start adding targeted friends (25 per day). An easy way to add friends, go to certain groups that have the same interests as you (network marketing, entrepreneurship, mlm, etc) and just start adding friends, give them a personal message (increases the chance that they will connect with you) that says something like “Hey Mike. I saw that you were also interested in network marketing, let’s connect!” It’s as simple as that, start adding 25 per day and you will being to build an internet empire where people can come and see what you have to offer.

These prospects want to know how real you are, how you can connect with them.  On you facebook profile, you want to look like your excited about life and that you love what you do.  Why would anyone want to join you if they don’t see you as a leader?  People join people, not business opportunities.

Here are some other tips that apply to the social network: take some pictures with other leaders to show that you are in the action and that you know some pretty inspiring people, you can meet these people at live events. Tell people where to go, give them a link to valuable content, give them exactly what they are looking for!

All you’re doing on the social network is attracting, connecting, and closing. Those are the 3 steps. Attract them by giving them free value, how to videos, prospecting tips and some offline stuff, this will brand you as an expert and a leader. Prospect them after the attraction process, this includes asking them the right questions and finding out what there needs and wants are, show them that you have interest in them and their life.  The last step is closing.  Closing involves using all the tools you have available so that you can show them how easy it really is, and this takes all the weight off of your shoulders.

I hope that this article on advertising for free through the social network has been beneficial to you.  Some words of wisdom from me are to take massive consistant action daily, to stay positive, and to not put an expiration date on your success.

If you are ready to finally start having success you can opt in to my newsletter or any of the trainings I have available.  Also, you can check me out at my Facebook Fan Page.  Thanks for reading, see you on the other side.

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