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perpetual funnel systemToday, I wanted to let you guys in on one of the most powerful systems in the marketing industry right now.  This system has absolutely changed the way I think about marketing myself and leveraging my business on the internet, it’s called the Perpetual Funnel System.  I’m not just talking about some random training from a wannabe looking for a couple blog subscribers.  This is the most advanced and in depth training David has ever done.

Take action here if you want to hear the words straight from the system creator and MLM mastermind, David Wood.

What separates the Perpetual Funnel System from other guru systems?

You will find all sorts of trainings all over the internet with the blueprint that led someone to generate a ton of leads or generate tons of traffic, or make a thousands of dollars in a day, or a number of other claims.  The problem with that is, who can you trust?  No one is giving proof and people want credibility.   Many people will lie about where they came from, or how much they make, because they believe that if they don’t… people won’t accept them.  The thing I’ve come to realize is that you have to be yourself if you ever want to have success in this industry.  It requires a lot of work and you won’t be able to sustain if you aren’t able to have your own personality so you can stand out.

The Perpetual Funnel System was masterminded by a man named David Wood, who is a bit of a wild man, but is probably the most prominent and intelligent leader in the MLM industry.  He’s the top earner in the Numis network and #1 producer in My Lead System Pro, which is the top marketing system in the business.  He calls the Perpetual Funnel System the most comprehensive training he has ever done, and he has done thousands.  In fact, he believes it is the most in depth and thorough traffic generation system in the industry. He has an amazing story and has trained hundreds of thousands of people on how to create influence and make sales, and his blog generates more traffic then downtown New York in rush hour.  If you don’t believe me, check out some of these stats below:

David Wood

Obviously, this guys knows a thing or two about traffic and building a massive following, as well as how to turn that traffic into leads and eventually business partners.  He will show you how to do it on complete automation.  Oh yeah, did I mention he pays you 60% commissions on this product?  Many members have made their money back overnight while they were sleeping.  David is well respected and is known for being down to earth and a little out there- but people love him for it.

What has the Perpetual Funnel System done for me?

The Perpetual Funnel System has completely change me and the way I do business.  When I first got involved in the online industry, I realized many people are doing everything the same.  Since this industry has grown so much in recent years, there is so much competition.  All of these people are tuning into the same trainings from the same leaders, so it’s so hard to stand out because everyone is using the same strategies.  With the perpetual funnel system, David David WoodWood shows you how to create your own strategy and how to stay diversified in the midst of thousands of other marketers.  This marketing strategy has allowed me to generate over 10000 visitors to my blog in 2 months, and is the exact strategy that allowed me to rank on the first page of Google for several keywords.  (including this system :D )

There are so many reason’s why the Perpetual Funnel System sets itself apart from other “guru” systems.  David Wood could be the best internet marketer out there.  He works so hard so be successful and make a difference, and with his recent Empower Network, is offering 100% commissions to other marketers…I think this shows how much he really does want others to succeed.  He is creating all kinds of products like this one (60% commissions) to get money in the hands of the people who deserve it most.

Another difference between this and other systems is that is gonna cost ya a little money (although you get the $500 discount from this site).  David really wanted to separate the leaders from the followers, so he really went all out with this system.  There are over 20 hours of training on in depth strategies that have led David from living in a van in Hawaii to becoming a top industry, 6 figure earner living in perpetual funnel systemCosta Rica.  Pretty awesome stuff.

Like I said, you’re gonna have to spend some money…but the thing is, if you want to become a leader, it is so crucial that you do this in order to propel yourself to the top.  You can’t expect to get over 20 hours of in depth industry training for nothing.  David Wood reveals all the goods that will help you become a six figure earner, I would have payed twice the amount. Some of these leaders charge up to $1000 per hour for personal 1-on-1 training, David does this for a fraction of the price.

The fact that this costs a little money is actually a good thing.  Let me explain why: when the leaders set up these free online trainings, most of the time they don’t exactly “spill all the goods.”  They will give you a basic framework, but won’t go into any advanced training.  It’s not because they don’t want you to succeed… and it’s not cuz they’re evil and want to keep all the money for themselves.

These leaders don’t go into advanced strategies for a number of reasons.  The first reason is because they don’t want you to steal their strategies and try to outrank them on all of there keywords.  If you show people everything, it won’t take long for people to exploit that advantage and take all your lead sources away.  It may be sad, but it’s reality.

Another reason is because they want it to seem extremely ‘easy’.  I don’t blame em though, most people in this world are lazy and looking to get everything for nothing…so if you let them in on the secret that it takes more than an hour a day, they may be less inclined to take action. They know if they put too much on the table, it will turn a lot of people off becauseperpetual funnel system there’s a lot that goes into learning what it takes to build an online presence.  If people think it’s hard, most won’t want to get started.  Once you get past this beginner stage and realize that this is for real, it won’t matter.  So the point of these beginner trainings is to draw people in and be attractive.

Here is what you get with the Perpetual Funnel System:

  • Over 3 hours of training on one of the most comprehensive trainings David has ever done on the process and structure of putting together leveraged internet marketing funnels.  It’s long (3 1/2 hours), and 100% worth it.
  • 3 hours of training that takes you step by step on how to set up the “technical framework” that will help you make a million dollars a year.
  • Over 2 and a half hours on what David Wood calls “by far the easiest way to get mass traffic fast, that you’ll ever see in your entire life.”  That means something coming from this guy.
  • Almost 4 hours on how to create sales permanence and how to generate massive sales through video.  (Along with some ninja mind tricks)
  • Another 2 hours on how to create massive influence.  There a noticeable difference in language patterns between people who have massive selling results and people who don’t make a dime.  David Wood will show you the 5 core language patterns that are proven to product the most dramatic difference in overcoming objections, increasing sales, and changing beliefs.
  • Over 2 hours of training that will show you how to take all this information and systematize it, while increasing your website traffic.  By leveraging certain systems, you can do this all on autopilot so you have the time freedom you deserve.
  • Another 2 hours on how to recruit and up-sell in your network and online marketing businesses.  This will show you how to recruit people almost effortlessly.
  • Another hour and a half of training on how to put everything together and create your own perpetual funnel system.

That’s over 21 hours of training from the #1 producer in the internet and network marketing arena.  This isn’t basic stuff, this is advanced training that will show you how to take action perpetual funnel systemand set yourself apart from all the other gurus out there on the internet.  You will become a VIP guest on his inner circle webinar trainings and really get to know what it takes to become the leader you know you’re supposed to me. This is the best investment I have ever made and my business will never be the same…neither will yours.  Go ahead and so you can take action today by checking out this video and finally get the success you’re so desperately searching for.

To Your Success,

Adam Boydperpetual funnel system

Original Perpetual Funnel System Participant

p.s. You can get access to the $500 discount on the Perpetual Funnel System here.  I’ll even throw in 20 Online marketing/Cash Producing E-books just for purchasing thru my link.

p.s.s. For some more free tips and strategies that I have learned from David Wood and the Perpetual Funnel System, along with some of my own strategies, make sure to fill out your name and email on the right.

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