The Pending Collapse of Society- Let’s Fight the Forces of Evil

collapse of America

the collapse of AmericaAmerica was once the greatest and most prosperous country in the world, and was looked up to by millions of people.  The freedom in this country was what made it great.  We had some of the most intelligent scientists, physicists, lawyers, scientists, industrialists, and people looked at us in awe.  Flash forward to 2012- we are hated by a lot of the world.  We are in numerous wars, we are in trillions of dollars in debt, have the largest military and prison population in the world.  We have bases in over 100 countries.  Our Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, and President Obama admit they take orders from the UN and NATO and that they would inform Congress of what decision they come to.  There is no longer need for Congressional Approval for war.  They get caught shipping guns, grenades and ammo into Mexico to blame the second amendment.  Congress has a 9% approval rating and is constantly involved with insider trading and criminal acts. When are we going to say enough is enough?

The US government tries to convince you that Al-CIA-da and Muslims hate us because we have so much wealth.  They try to show you to always be fearful of terrorists who want to destroy our country.  They teach us to let all of our rights be taken away in order to “keep us safe.”  We have the highest prison population in the world.  We have the highest cancer rate, obesity rate, diabetes rate, illicit drug use, and incarceration rate.  We are a bunch of American zombies that will do whatever the government tells us to do. But it’s because we fill us with prescription pills, flouride water, GMOs, poisonous vaccines, along with mass hypnosis through television. We are damn near trace state, and they are trained to use these tactics to control us.

Let’s face the harsh reality…America is collapsing.  And it’s about time everybody steps up to the plate and does something about it.  It’s about time we all look in the mirror and realize that we are the solution to the problems we are having in this country.  We need to become aware of all the propaganda that is surrounding us all the time.  We need to realize that evil flourishes when good people do nothing.

Even though you have a better chance of dying from honey bees, or by a cork, or by falling in the shower, than you do from terrorists….they still are allowed to grope everyone in the airports to make sure “we are all safe”.  The TSA is literally a bunch of pedophile criminals who want to condition us for prison training by groping us whenever we want to travel.  They are a gang of disgusting human beings who just love having the power of telling other citizens what to do.

If a cop pulls you over and does a grope down, they get in trouble.  But the unbonded and unsworn TSA criminals get to do it all day. tsa groping This is a federal group who has been caught stealing, raping, molesting, among other crimes against humanity, and they are supposed to be keeping us safe from the terrorists. I mean, who besides a bunch of criminals wants to touch peoples’ genitals all day?

That’s enough of the TSA.  Let’s look at the prison system.  A bunch of private prisons from all across the country are locking up thousands of people per day.  The majority coming from the war on drugs.  We have the largest prison population in the world, which is around 2 times as much as China.  China has 1.3 billion people, the US has 310 million, and we have twice as many people locked up.  Why?  The private prisons profit from having prisoners.  We wonder why there are no jobs in this country, but yet we have millions of prisoners working for around 25 cents an hour.  This not only displaces jobs, it also hurts our economy, and ruins the lives of many people.

war on drugsLook at the war on drugs.  Marijuana is yet to kill one person in history, and yet thousands of people die every year from the Drug War.  Marijuana is proven to work medicinally and is legal in many states, but yet the US government continues to go after dispensaries everyday across the country.  Cigarettes and alcohol kills thousands of people per year, yet our so called government has come down on all marijuana users.  The majority of people that are locked up in prison are there because of drugs.  What happened to liberty?  What happened to freedom?  Practically every time I go out now, I see someone pulled over and their car is being searched.

Yet, our US government, on record, ships the drugs into the country.  They keep it illegal so that the price stays high and they can profit off of all the drug users and prisoners.  Prohibition did not work for alcohol, and it will not work for marijuana.  It’s actually easier for a minor to get marijuana than it is for them to get cigarettes.  Drug dealers don’t card anybody.  Instead of marijuana and hemp being a source of revenue for our government, it’s a huge loss because we spend millions of dollars a year in the drug war.

The point of this rant is this, we need to be the change we see in the world.  We need to come together and recognize the crimes from our government or we will never be able to restore our Republic.  I talk to so many people that say they feel powerless and that there is nothing they can do about it.  But there is stuff we can do if we all work together.  The system tries to tell you that you are nothing, and that you don’t have power.   But, It’s a lie.  We as individuals do have the power to change things.  We all know what will power will do.

All we need to do is wake people up to the fact that the world is a stage.  It’s a fraud.  Our government is a bunch of criminal international bankers who have spent years trying to ruin our country from inside.  This collapse is done by design.  The globalists hate our country, and want to see it fall.  They want to ruin our country by design through fraud (derivatives) so they can pose as the saviors with their world government.  No more national sovereignty, no more constitution, no more private property, no more right to bear arms….just total control by the bankers who destroyed our country on purpose.  Get involved and let’s restore our Republic.  Say no to the criminals, say no to the New World Order, say no to the bankers, say no to our government, say no to the globalist!  Take action!  Do what you do best because we all can contribute to this fight.

Hang banners and flyers illustrating the crimes and hang them around town.  Start a blog and report on real issues.  Get prepared for the worst so if something does happen, you are ready.  Say no to the poison that is shoved down our throats everyday.  Start filtering your water, and stop eating McDonalds and GMO’s all day.  We can turn this around if we all do our part.  There is ultimate power and victory in getting involved, and you will feel more alive than you ever had.  We have the moral authority, we just need to persist until things start to change. Check out this article about 50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy .

To Your Success and Freedom,

Adam Boyd

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