Sozo Coffee Berry Opportunity- A Independent Review From an Expert

The Sozo Coffee Berry / Sozo Life business is gaining a lot of momentum in the MLM industry as of late.  This company really taught me something about the coffee plant.  I mean, I always knew that the coffee we drink every morning comes from coffee beans, but not where the beans come from and that many are missing the truly essential part of the coffee plant. The Sozo Coffee Berry company is definately utilizing a unique opportunity, I thought I would give you a review on what they’re about, and how you are going to succeed with this company.

Sozo Life is based out of Henderson, Nevada, and was founded in 2009.  Their management team consists of a very impressive group of entrepreneurs who have a ton of experience in the nutritional industry.  Mark Adams- President and CEO, has had 7 different successful businesses and was named Earnst and Youngs Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008.  J. Larry Cantrell- Chairman, has been involved with network marketing for over 23 years and has founded a multi million dollar nutritional company, and also has numerous other impressive achievements.  All members of the management team post solid resumes, and I think this company definately will be successful in the future, because nothing beats great leadership and a solid business plan.

Sozo Coffee Berry uses the remaining part of the coffee plant, not as much caffeine as the coffee bean that is inside of the berry, but more antioxidants.  Their functional beverage is made with the coffee berry and other fruit and vegetable extracts.  Impressively, one serving has the equivalent amount of 21 servings of fruits and vegetables.  They also have a Ignite drink that is the natural version of an energy shot,  and is said to not leave you with a crash like normal energy shots.  Lastly, they have a Sozo Coffee gourmet product that they market, which is the only coffee that uses the benefits of the whole coffee plant, so you can utilize all the proper nutrition that the plant provides.

You’re probably thinking, I don’t care about all that, tell me…is this really something for me? Can I make money with this company…can I really live out my dreams in the MLM industry?  I’ve been there, people told me I was crazy…they said “those things don’t work.”  I was constantly being beat down by people that didn’t want to see me succeed.  They’ve probably known someone who tried it and gave up, like 95% of people who join this industry.  They all say we don’t want “get rich quick” schemes, but then when they get started and realize it’s actual ‘work’, they quit.   The reason they quit is because they don’t make enough money to cover the work they feel they should be getting paid for, the gruntwork that you have to put in to build a successful business.   Also, you hit a point where you realize that people don’t want to do business with you. Maybe it’s because you’re not really sure what you’re doing, and there ain’t no way they’re gonna pay YOU for stuff.  Without the proper training, you will soon run out of leads, which amounts to no business, and more importantly, no money. Without connecting with a large number of people, you cannot make money in this industry, it’s as simple as that.

Sozo Coffee Berry company is definately a company you could live your dreams with.  They have an impressive compensation plan and pay you using a binary compensation plan that pays Retail Commissions, Fast Start Bonuses, Fast Start Matching Bonuses and Builder Bonuses. SoZo Distributors can also earn Team Commissions, Leadership Check Matching Income, Rank Achievement Bonuses and Power Leg Bonuses.

To learn more about how to be successful with Sozo Coffee Berry/ Sozo Life, fill out your name and email on the right side.  Remember, I’m not involved with this company, but if you want to learn how to market yourself effectively online by being attractive, instead of chasing down your warm market, doing cold calls, home meetings…that kinda stuff, you’re gonna want to know the secrets of the top marketers…go ahead, do it right now, you’ll be glad you did.  Thanks for reading, talk to ya soon.

To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

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