How to use a Sales Funnel to Explode Your Business

sales funnelBy now, if you’ve been spending any time at my website, you’ve probably heard me talking about a “sales funnel.”  You’re probably asking, what the hell is that?  Yea I know, at first it sounds like some black hole you fall into when you get involved with selling stuff, very complicated sounding.  But to be honest, it’s very simple.  All of the top marketers and entrepreneurs in this world know how to make money from multiple streams of income.   I mean, why only rely on one source of income?  You’re leaving money on the table, especially if you’re a network marketer.

The problem most network marketers face in their business is the fact that they run out of money during the learning and setting up stage…then they end up quitting because they can’t afford to have an extra bill every month.  It’s something all successful MLMers face, the learning curve….the time it takes to get your business over costs and into profits.  That is the ONLY reason someone doesn’t make money if this industry, because they QUIT too early.

If you’ve owned your own business for any length of time, you know this is a numbers game.  Most likely, only about 5% of people who are looking to make more money will actually take action and get involved to work with you.  Obviously this all depends on your skills and value that people place in you so that number is give or take.  But still, you realize that you have to talk to a whole lot of people just so you can find a few LEADERS, people that are ready to change their life today.

What does all this have to do with a sales funnel?

This is where a sales funnel can help you in your business.  A sales funnel is a basically a sales process, or step by step procedure that is used to make money.   It also has to do with having multiple income streams that make you money.  In my sales funnel, I have numerous sources of income that all lead to my network marketing business.  This makes it so you can provide value and tools to other people, most likely other struggling network marketers, looking for answers on how to have success in their business.

I use a bunch of tools that you can find in my Adam Recommends tab that help me make money on the front end so I can afford to run my MLM business.  It’s called affiliate marketing.  These are tools I use everyday that help me blast my articles all over the web, generate leads, and sponsor people into my business.  They can help you create a social buzz, spin and syndicate content to article and video databases, increase conversions, sponsor people, pretty much whatever you’re looking to do.  These are the tools I use to get ranked in the search engines because I want a lot of work done in a short amount of time.  This is really to key to living your dream lifestyle, outsourcing the hard work to the people who specialize in that area.

Think of outsourcing like one of those house renovations you see on TV all the time.  Take for example the show Holmes Inspection.  This guy comes into these people houses and usually does a complete renovation to get it all fixed.  Holmes is obviously an expert, he comes in and shows people what all is wrong, then he gets to work and gets the job done right.  If you notice though, he isn’t doing all the work.  Yea, he may be able to do everything himself, but he realizes that it’s more efficient and practical to invite all the experts in to help him get it done.  He’s got a plumber, a contractor, an electrician, roofers, etc., they all come in and do the work at the same time so they can’t get more done in a short period of time.

The point is to not be spending your whole life trying to do everything when you could pay someone a small amount to do it for you.  You are the head of your organization, you got into the industry so that you could live free, don’t waste your time trying to do everything yourself.  With these tools, you can make an impressive amount of money and help other people succeed, on the front end.  It’s a lot easier to provide answers to other people in the industry and make money on affiliate tools.  You then become someone of value.  On the back end, you have your MLM business.  Since you aren’t like everyone and pushing your product or comp plan on the front end, you will be seen as more attractive.  It’s a lot easier way to conduct your business.

You can afford all these marketing strategies for your business if you are getting paid off the 95% of people who WON’T join your business.  To leverage a system like this, go ahead and fill out your information on the right so I can show you step by step how to get yourself set up and making money tomorrow.  Also, be sure to stick around, I’ll have more information on this subject up very soon.  For more information on the system, check out my video on how to market yourself online.

To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

Your Straight Talking Online Mentor


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