Productivity Tips For Procrastinators – Part 1

Once you become a business owner, you know how hard it is to manage your time and be productive.  In order to get things done, we have to change the way we think about ourselves and our business.  We have to be honest with ourselves and realize if we are not spending time on money making activities, we will not make any money.  You may be your own boss, but are you acting like it?  We need to hold ourselves accountable and making sure we are productive. This subject really hits home with me so I thought I would share this 2 part series with you.

Here are 10 productivity tips that I learned about that absolutely helped me focus and get over my procrastinating ways:

1) Failing to plan is planning to fail.  You need to be setting daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals for yourself.  Make sure you have a plan for your actions..I recommend writing down 4-5 leveraged activities to get done the next day, every day.  Remember, baby steps.

2)Use a stopwatch when you go to complete an activity like writing or syndicating an article, set it for one’ll be surprised how much you can get done when you’re on the clock.  If you don’t finish your task, move on and finish it the next day.

3) Spend 90% of your time doing MMA (money making activities).  Some of these MMA’s include writing content, driving online traffic, and prospecting.  Don’t get caught up doing stuff that isn’t going to make you money.  Isn’t that why we’re here?

4) Multi-tasking is not efficient and has been proven to lessen your IQ when trying to get something done.  It’s hard to stay focused when you’re bouncing all over the place and not focusing on what you need to.  Spend at least 20 mins at whatever task so you’re brain can focus on that and only that activity.

5) Avoid distractions at all costs.  You know what you need to get done, don’t let yourself off the hook if something comes up.  Let your voicemail work, that’s what you got it for.

6) Create routines for everything you do.  Let working on MMA’s become a habit so productivity is second nature.  Without routines, it’s very hard to get work done.  You schedule everything else, why not schedule what times you need to go to work?  You have to take responsibility when you are your own boss.

7) Give yourself a 10 minute break every hour.  Step outside and get some fresh air.  Ya know, just chill for a minute so you can reflect on what you’re doing, if not it’s very easy to get worn out and frustrated.

8) Time management is imperative.  We, as business owners, must manage our time and get our priorities straight.  It’s hard to manage your time but you will regret it if you don’t.  What is more important to you, partying with your friends or being successful?  Know what you’re in this business for and be honest with yourself if you’re not seeing the result you were expecting.

9) Exercise!!  I know, I know, we aren’t running a marathon here, but exercise is imperative in not just our business, but our lives.  Without it, we will lack energy and drive and it will be very hard to even get out of bed, let alone be productive.  I’m not saying you’ve gotta be Kobe or anything, but a little exercise will go a long way in improving your energy levels.

10) Stop checking your email a hundred times a day!  lol.  I know, I struggled with it too.  Everytime I went to write an article or call a prospect I got sucked into the quick email check.  I justified it by saying it doesn’t take all that long and I need to stay up to date with what was going on.  But to be honest, it is probably the #1 production killer!  Emails don’t make money, and isn’t a MMA.  Check your email once at the beginning and once at the end of the day, not in between.

Remember, I struggled with procrastination for a long time and continue to battle it daily.  Most entrepreneurs do, but if you follow some of these tips you will be well on your way to being a productivity MONSTER!  Make sure to check in tomorrow for Part 2 of my productivity tips for procrastinators.  Also, fill out your name and email on the right side so I can take show you step by step how to drive traffic and generate leads for your business on auto-pilot.

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