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nerium international

nerium internationalI wanted to talk to you all today about a new skin care company that was just launched in September of 2011: Nerium International.  This is a MLM company that I believe is gaining some momentum, and you’re probably here to figure out if this company is legit.  In this economy, this industry is exploding because so many people want to live healthier and make more money.  I’m not a representative with Nerium Internation, but I thought I’d write up a review for you so you can decide for yourself if this business is for you.

What is Nerium International?

Nerium International provides an anti aging skincare line that is derived from Nerium oleander plant extracts.   The company is based in Addison, Texas and was just recently launched as I mentioned before.

Nerium International was started by a man named Jeff Olson, who actually was a large part of Prepaid Legal for a while.  This man is a well known and renowned MLM leader, and has a large following of people.  As you may know, this can be extremely powerful.  With great leadership comes great success, that’s why I see the potential with this new company.  Mr. Olson is a strong mentor, and is well prepared to bring Nerium International into the future.

What does Nerium International market?

Nerium International currently markets one product.  This is pretty understandable with a new company.  They call it NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment.  It is patent pending but has thousands of third party customer testimonials that show me this product is legit and working for a number of people for it’s anti aging properties.

NeriumAD is a cream to be applied at night that is developed from the Nerium Oleander plant.  Some of the results people are getting include reduced fine lines and wrinkles, reduced hyperpigmentation, and an improved look of uneven skin texture or sun damaged skin.  To me, this product could gain a lot of popularity…If you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time, you know how many successful MLM companies are in the anti aging industry.  That shows the market is there.

What does it take to get started with Nerium International?

For only around $100, you can get started with Nerium International with a Brand Partner Launch Kit.  This allows for people to start their MLM career for a small amount of money, as well as earn commissions and sponsor other reps….along with wholesale prices on Nerium AD.   If you’re ready to go all in on this opportunity, you have an option of 2 success packages that are priced at $499 and $999.  You obviously get more product and business building materials and tools the more money you invest initially.

Can You Make Serious Income with Nerium International?

Nerium International has a pretty nice compensation plan.  They pay on a 3 x 3 matrix, and make it possible to earn income in a number of ways.  The reps must stay active by maintaining a certain level of sales and product, which is to be expected.  You can earn money of retail sales, fast start bonuses, and a weekly bonus program.  You can also earn cars and vacations, which sometimes are more valuable than cash bonuses to certain people.

I like what I see with Nerium International.  They have good leadership, a nice comp plan, and a highly effective anti aging product.  There is potential to make a good amount of money with this company.  The thing about it is, for some people this won’t be enough.  Most will fail…not just with Nerium International, but with any MLM company.  That’s a fact.

The internet hasn’t been around forever.  That proves offline marketing techniques work, but not for everyone.  I want to show you an easier way though.  Many MLMers run out of leads after burning through their warm market.  What if you could leverage the internet if your marketing?  You could generate highly targeted leads on auto pilot, while making money of the 90% of people who say no to your opportunity.

This industry isn’t a get rich quick business for most people.  To be successful, you have to get your mind right.  You have to find out what is working now, and have it in you to take action and implement the strategies.  You have to become a leader, because people don’t care how great your opportunity is.  They want to know that you are a valuable person that can help them change their life.  To become that leader, make sure to fill out your name and email on the right for some free training.  Thanks for reading, I wish you the best.

To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

Your Online Wealth Mentor

p.s.  I’ve done all kinds of MLM reviews, if you want to find out what company I chose…make sure to click here so you can decide for yourself.

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I was approached with this opportunity by an old acquaintance. I'm just taking a look around for now.

Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia Morgan

Loved reading your review on Nerium International. I very much appreciate the MLM business. I've had a business with Mary Kay Cosmetics in the past and had some success with it, I became a director and drove a free car. I let it go to take care of my ill husband. I now have the opportunity to get back into the business world, but no longer have a drive for Mary Kay. I've been looking into a company/product Xocia Healthy Chocolate and have also been researching Nerium AD. I found your site through Google will continue to see what you think of other companies. Thank you Cynthia Morgan-Gunner


I looked this company over recently and decided to go for it! The comp plan looks great but what it really did it for me is that the product is self-evident: clinical trials that document huge results compared to other products, lots of customer before and afters and good results in days on my own skin. As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and NeriumAD has lots to tell the story. I think seeing is believing especially in the anti-aging market, and Nerium has that.


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