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Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been around computers.  For some of my older followers, you actually had to have an imagination when you were a kid to find entertainment.  The thing is, my mom has an associates degree in electronics and computers.  So from a very young age, there have been all kinds of computer parts and half put together computers everywhere in the house.  My mom can pretty much take a bunch of random parts and put together a pretty badass computer in a day or so.

This has allowed me to learn quite a bit about computers and how they work.  The couple college classes I’ve taken in business computing and IT have helped as well.  I now realize how delicate computers are and what exactly it takes to make them work properly and efficiently.  One problem that a lot of people are facing with their laptops and desktop computers is hard drive crashes.  That’s why I want to talk a little bit about MyPCBackup today.  Is it worth using a service to backup your files or not?  You may have heard about the financial opportunity that this service offers it’s customers as well, so I’m gonna talk about that too a little later in this blog post.

My first hard drive crash- And why you need MyPCBackup

As I said, I’ve had many experiences with computers that have done nothing but frustrate the hell out of me.  The last computer I had was an absolute P.O.S. and it was really hard for me to get work done on it.  It seemed like everytime I tried to run a program like Article Marketing Robot or Senuke my computer would freeze or just start slowing down like crazy.  It’s like every time I left it to run over night, I would come back in the morning and it would be froze or not function properly.  I really had no idea why until one day I opened it up and I saw a “blue screen of death.”  Seriously, it was really weird.mypcbackup review. If you’re not sure how much life your hard drive has left, go check out this article I found- 5 Signs Your Hard Drive Lifetime is Ending & What to Do.

I thought I had a virus or something, but my computer no longer worked.  I couldn’t access any of my files, and my computer just was not working.  I lost some business and important documents in the crash.  I finally found out it had to do with my hard drive failing.  It really was a bitch and I almost couldn’t believe it.  Until I realized I bought this used laptop for like $200 on Ebay.  Lol.  Probably not the best investment, but it was all I had.  If you’ve ever lost all of your info and files on your computer from a hard drive crash, you understand my frustration.

Anyway, I bought a new computer with some of the income I was making.  I also got a external hard drive to store all of my files in case my new hard drive ever failed again.  I actually heard they can fail as well, plus it cost quite a bit to get a good one with lots of storage.  I decided to find an online backup service so that I could backup my files on a regular basis and access them from anywhere.  That’s when I ran into MyPCBackup and decided to give it a go.  It’s worked very well for me, and that’s why I wanted to put this post together.

I know many people who have lost all of their data on their computers and it practically put their business into the ground.  If you don’t have an external hard drive, you need some kind of online backup service just in case.  It’s one of those things you don’t think you need until something happens like a hard drive failure.  Almost like insurance, without the corruption.  Lol.  Seriously though, all hard drives are going to fail, it’s just a matter of when.

What is MyPCBackup?

mypcbackupMyPCBackup is an online backup company that was founded in 2010 out of Novi, Michigan.  It has all kinds of cool features that come with each plan.  For around $9 a month, you can get unlimited storage, sync multiple computers, and access from anywhere.  Everything is secure and encrypted so you don’t have to worry about someone hacking in and stealing your information.  You can set up automated backups so you don’t have to remember to do backups all the time.  They also have 24/7 technical support, live chat, a large knowledge base, guides, and video tutorials so you’re not gonna get confused setting it up.  It took me around 5 mins to get it installed and running, and was very user friendly.

One thing I will say about MyPCBackup, it’s great for home or small business, but not so much for corporate structures.  You’re not gonna be able to backup a hundred computers on the same account.  But if you’re just looking to keep your important files and documents safe, this service will work really well for you.  Besides that, there are no problems with it that I see.  Compared to other backup services out there, I have heard that this is the best.  I’m not just saying that either, I’ve done a lot of research on these backup services and MyPCBackup is the one that worked best for me.  You can check out their different plans by following one of the links at the end of this review.

Can you make money promoting this service?

You may be here because you want to try out MyPCBackup for your computer, or it could be because you’ve heard about how much you can make promoting it.  We all need a backup service, but we all like making money as well.  Either way, you’re making a good decision.  This company is actually paying out $150 for every person you refer to their service.  It’s actually a little ridiculous because it only costs $6-9 per month to use.  It could be the highest commission rate I’ve seen for a CPA (Cost per action) offer.  This is how explains a CPA offer:

“CPA or Cost Per Action, is a program wherein an advertiser pays you as the affiliate for a specific desired action taken by the consumer. That action can take quite a few forms. Some of those actions include an outright purchase, acceptance of a limited or free trial, a form submission or survey, an email submission or zip code submission.”

Basically, this company pays you to promote their backup service.  If you really look at it, for every sale, you are getting around 3000% commissions.  Obviously for MyPCBackup, it is worth it.  They get all kinds of long term customers from this deal.  People promote it, and they make that $150 plus more back after a couple years.  Most people continue with the service because it’s something you really need, and it’s cheap.

I’m involved with another company that pays around $95 if you refer someone to around 5-6 offers.  It works because people like the money they make, but it doesn’t really come close to what MyPCBackup offers.  You can turn $7 into $50 in your first hour.  It does take a month to get paid because Mypcbackup wants to make sure people actually try out the product before they pay you….which actually makes sense.  Trust me, you know all kinds of people who could use a backup service.  And it’s not like you’re earning 30% of every sale.  We’re talking $150 for a $6 a month product.

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you would understand how big this is right now.  Almost every online marketer/affiliate marketer I know is getting involved because you don’t come across a deal like this anywhere else.  I don’t recommend everything.  In fact, I only promote programs that have really helped me…or that have made me money.  It hurts my credibility if I’m always bouncing around.  But, this killer CPA is just sick.  I actually had problems getting paid by MyPCBackup, so look at a similar company I’m with called ZNZ by clicking below.

To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

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