How to Write Articles that Entice Your Audience and Drive Traffic- Introduction

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If you’re planning on being an internet marketer, or have spent any time learning about the industry…you know how important it is to know how to write articles.  Most of us had to write stories or reports in school, but few know exactly what it takes to actually write a good article….one that entices, excites, and entertains readers and gets them coming back to your website daily, begging for more.

Many, many people that I knew hated English class in school, including myself.  I was always a skilled writer but I fought tooth and nail to get out of those 5 page long reports or the daily “journal entry”.  I would procrastinate until the night before it was due because I dreaded writing about something I couldn’t give a sh*t about.  I would just throw something together  and hope my teachers approved… I’m sure many of you can relate.  That’s until I found out how absolutely crucial having your own blog is when it comes to being a leader in the MLM and internet marketing industry.  We are all here to make money, a blog is one of the easiest ways to monetize your marketing efforts on the front end, while promoting your business on the back end through attraction marketing strategies.  For more on that, check out my article on using a sales funnel.

How To Write Articles- What’s a good article look like?

A good article should be clear, consistent, entertaining, fun, straight forward…it should entice the audience and get them to want to come back and read your content again.  In the future, you will be surprised how much traffic you get will be repeat visitors.  Today, it’s all about creating a following.  It’s all about social buzz and getting shares.  The days of stuffing your article with your keyword a hundred times and showing up on the first page of google are over.

Facebook and Twitter, along with other social media sites, are taking over the planet!  how to write an articleAHHH!!  Everywhere you look, there’s a little blue hand with a thumbs up or a little bird!  Lol. Seriously though,  the way you get ranked in the search engines today has a lot to do with how popular you are.  The more facebook likes you have, or the more tweets, or the more diggs, the more comments and interaction, or any other kind of share….the better.

I’m not saying SEO, back linking, using keyword research, and all that doesn’t matter, I’m just saying if you are popular with your peers, you will be with Google as well.  I mean, look at what Tribe Pro has been able to do for so many marketers….getting your content shared is where it’s at, because you can expose yourself to such a large amount of people.

When I first got started blogging a couple months back my articles started to bore me a little bit.  I do a lot of reviews when I’m targeting certain keywords and researching different companies.  It’s easy to be really boring and lazy when it comes to your writing though because you see it as an SEO thing so you can generate traffic and leads.  People get to your article and the first paragraph they read is the same as 90 % of the other internet marketers, “Title: ABC Review  -  Here’s my review on ABC companies. I’m going to talk about the product, the company, and the compensation plan.  Then, I’m going to show you how to generate 1000 leads per day with ABC company by solving the 2 problems every MLMer faces: no money and no leads.”  I see it with almost everyone, I even did it.  I know, we want to get to the point and it’s not always easy being creative.  Most likely, the people who are opting into your stuff are opting into 10 other internet marketers stuff too.  You have to stick out of the crowd if you want to create buying influence.  how to write an article

I know a lot of this is just concepts but I believe it is information that you need to know if you really want to understand what it takes to write articles that create influence.  To be a leader, you can’t write the same boring articles as everyone else, you have to be unique and give the readers some entertainment instead of your content being used to get them to sleep.  Like I said before, if people don’t like you, neither will Google.  If you want to learn what it really takes to provide valuable content and create a massive following, make sure to fill out your name and email on the right so you can get access to over 3 hours of free videos that will show you how I went from a broke, full- time cook and college student to an aspiring and prospering internet entrepreneur in only 3 months.  Thanks for reading, make sure to head over to day 2 by clicking the link below.

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