How to Tap into Your Supermind


supermindI’m reading a book right now called The Power of Your Supermind by Vernon Howard.  I’m not all the way finished with it yet, but I wanted to let you guys know about it because it is so powerful.  For all you entrepreneurs out there, you hear all the time about Think and Grow Rich and so many other books and how they can help with mindset and other things.  I haven’t heard about the Power of the Supermind before I went to the library about a week ago.  Let me tell you, this book is an absolute game changer.  I’m not just talking business owners here either, I’m talking everyone needs to read this book.  It really helped me understand some things, the most important of all, myself.

I’m going to give you some overall ideas on what this book is all about.  Before I do, I want to let you know…I know very little about this subject.  If you want to truly understand, you’re going to have to head to your local library and read this book.  I promise, you will be happy that you did.

The first thing to note is the fact that we struggle everyday in our minds.  There is a constant battle between our outer and inner selves.  We have all these preconceived notions about the world and who we really are.  No one has all the same ideas and opinions, so we must realize that the things we think cannot always be true.  The majority of our thoughts mean nothing because they don’t come from our inner selves, our Supermind.  They are just made up ideas that don’t really have any merit, and we continue to believe them even though they make no sense.

Realize that your outer self knows nothing, and that your inner self, your Supermind, knows the answers to everything.  Stop playing mental movies in your mind thinking you know how everything will turn out.  Realize that you know nothing about happiness, money, relationships, etc.  But your supermind knows a thousand times more than what you think, you just have to allow it to come out.  Many people think they know what will make them happy, and are filled with sorrow when what they thought would make them happy does not.

Many people think if only they had more money, they could find happiness.  Look at winning the lottery for example.  I’m sure you’ve heard of people who won the lottery and were sent into pure destruction, and their life completely collapsed.  It’s because what they thought would be happiness was not true.  Money does not buy happiness.  We must realize that nothing is good nor bad, because if you think something is good and it doesn’t happen, then it is automatically bad.  There is good that comes from everything, don’t let negativity get your down.  Know that the only true happiness is synergy with your inner self and nothing in the outer world can determine whether you are happy or not.  Knowing yourself is the only true happiness there is.  Once we break free from the thoughts that we know everything, our Supermind can take over and show us true happiness.

I guess the overall idea here is to not let your thoughts control you.  Don’t let what other people think about you determine your happiness.  If you do, you’re living in bondage.  Become aware of the false ideas that you have about your true self and how the world works, and you will have victories everyday.  Just knowing that our outer thoughts are false and being comfortable with the fact that your Supermind knows all the answers to true happiness, will lead to happiness.  Don’t let your thoughts tell you what will make you happy, be happy now and know that none of those false ideas matter.  This is hard to explain and understand at first, so I recommend you get the book and find out more about yourself that you ever thought was possible.  Get out of your own way, and you will find true success and happiness.  Thanks for reading!

To your Success,

Adam Boyd



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