Find Your Content Marketing Strategy- 3 Killer Techniques – Part 4

viral blogging strategy

viral marketing strategyIn today’s world, having an online presence is an absolute must.  That’s why I wanted to put this miniseries together to give you a few ideas on how to form a content marketing strategy that spreads the word about your business and gets you loads of traffic and leads.  If you missed the first part, go back and see it hereClick this link for Part 2. Click this link for Part 3 In this part, continuing the miniseries, I’m going to give you my #2 content marketing strategy that have lead to 1000 visitors / day on this blog and around 15-20 leads a day for my business.  This strategies are the bomb, so make sure you not only hear and understand what I’m saying, but actually get off your butt and put them into action. Take this blueprint and build an online empire, You can do it!

3. Viral Blogging- Content Marketing Strategy #3

Viral blogging is a badass content marketing strategy.  It literally takes 5 mins a day to do, and will increase your traffic like viral marketing strategycrazy.   Basically, instead of sharing videos/blog posts on your social networks, you post them on your blog.  If you’re one of those kind of people that shares stuff on your social networks all the time, this is definitely for you.  For me, I do a lot of research on current topics and news.  If there is a video or post that I like, I usually share it to my Facebook page, my Twitter, Google + and sometimes send it to my email list.  Instead of giving that person the traffic, just post it on your blog instead.  Then post it to your social networks and email list, and let the traffic come rolling in.

Think about it like this, there are only a certain number of people on the internet that like to read your badass business content.  If you start posting current events and news that people are interested in, you will get way more traffic because more people are interested in that kind of content.  You aren’t leaving anything on the table, because you’re targeting all of the billions of people who are online instead of the maybe couple million that are involved in our niche.

It may not be as targeted, but it’s still traffic, and some of them will convert to leads and sales.  Especially if you have an Empower Network blog, because all the high converting banners are all tracked to your affiliate account.  We all this is a numbers game, get as many people as possible to your presentation and a certain percentage will buy and take action. You might be wondering why the heck anyone would click on your banners if they aren’t already involved with online marketing.  Be response to that would be, Who isn’t interested in making more money?  (plus you earn 100% commissions, so all that money goes back to you)

Can Viral Blogging actually get you Traffic?

Think about it like this, if a video on Youtube is getting millions of views, there is traffic to be had there.  It’s obviously a popular video.  Just embed that video into your blog post and capitalize on all of that traffic.  Then people will be sharing your blog post instead of that person’s video.  That’s why we call it Viral Blogging, because you can get your blog post to go viral instead of sending all that traffic straight to the Youtube video.  You are, in a sense, stealing some of their traffic.  The thing is, people love when you share their videos on your blog, because that leads to more exposure for them.  You just get to advertise to all these people for free while they are checking out the content on your page.  Get it?

Here’s what I do.  I go to,,, Youtube, or whatever site I feel like visiting (I just like to visit those sites a lot).  I look for badass, entertaining, killer content that interests the hell out of me.  I copy the whole article, and paste it into my blog post.  It’s that simple!  Of course I leave all the same links and don’t modify the article at all.  I leave the link back to their article, so they get more traffic and I capitalize on some of their traffic.  It’s a win-win.  They love the traffic and backlinks and I love the sales.  You can do the same thing with youtube videos, just go to ‘share’ underneath your video, and get the embed code.  Then just upload it to the HTML version of your blog.  It takes probably 5 mins a day, and this shit works…Trust me.  viral blogging strategy

Well, there you go.  I planned on just one blog post, but I realized how important (and badass!) these content marketing strategies are, so I made sure to be thorough.  If you got some value out of this miniseries, share it with the rest of your network and downline.  Information is power, and I gave you guys all kinds of golden nuggets that you can start applying to your business today.  Content marketing is so powerful…use these strategies and you will greatly increase your traffic, leads, and sales for your business.  Now GET TO IT!

To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

p.s.  If you want to cut years of your learning curve and start getting leads for your business the “new” online way, make sure to go get your hands on my bootcamp.  Just fill out your email on the right and I’ll send it straight to your inbox.  You’ll thank me later (Unless you already have too many leads)

p.p.s.  If you got some value out of this miniseries, make sure to like it, share it with your team, or leave a comment below.  What’s your favorite content marketing strategy?


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