Find Your Content Marketing Strategy- 3 Killer Techniques – Part 3

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content marketing strategyIn today’s world, having an online presence is an absolute must.  That’s why I wanted to put this miniseries together to give you a few ideas on how to form a content marketing strategy that spreads the word about your business and gets you loads of traffic and leads.  If you missed the first part, go back and see it hereClick this link for Part 2. In this part, continuing the miniseries, I’m going to give you my #2 content marketing strategy that have lead to 1000 visitors / day on this blog and around 15-20 leads a day for my business.  This strategies are the bomb, so make sure you not only hear and understand what I’m saying, but actually get off your butt and put them into action. Take this blueprint and build an online empire, You can do it!

2. Video Marketing- Content Marketing Strategy #2

Video Marketing is just badass.  I don’t know how many calls I get from people every week who saw my videos and want to join my business.  Why?  People the more videos they watch, the more they feel like they know me.  Remember, people only join people they know, like, and trust.   It’s all about building rapport with your target market, which for me, is struggling network/online marketers.  So how do I build rapport with them?  I know their thoughts, I know their struggles, I know what they want.  Since I know that, I’ve spent all kinds of time finding out the solutions for those people (which was me at one point).   I provide value, and people love value.

video content marketingBasically all I do is show people what I know.  You should do the same, because if you’ve been around for any amount of time, or you’ve made money online before, you are an expert.  You have just positioned yourself ahead of 95% of marketers who never get any traffic, generate any leads, or make any sales online.  So don’t sit there thinking, “What should I make a video about? I don’t know anything.”  That’s not true.  You’ll be surprised the value that you have.  Ask yourself what you could teach 1 person tomorrow.

Even if you don’t know anything, I have a solution for you.  Go find out how to do stuff!  There’s all kinds of free information on the internet.  If there is something you don’t know, and want to know, go google it and find out how to do it.  Everything webinar or audio or video you watch, take notes.  Then teach other people what you learned.  It’s that simple.

What drives traffic on the internet again?  Entertaining content.  So be yourself, provide value, and be the badass that you are.  Let people know what’s going on in your life.  Show people your success and struggles.  Show them that you do give a shit about them, and deliver on what you promise.  Provide a call to action at the end of the video to get that Youtube traffic to your blog and on your list.  Hopefully they end up buying stuff from you or joining your business in the future.  video content marketing

I could go on and on about videos, but here’s the main point:  Just start doing it.  Your videos could suck when you first start doing them, but keep doing it.

Decide that you are going to be the most badass communicator on the planet.  I guarantee by the time you get to your 25th video or so you will surprised how much your videos have improved.  Even the best video marketers out there had some terrible videos when they first starting producing them.  You get the point.  Start making videos today…if you’re not sure how make sure to get my bootcamp on the right.  I’ll show you exactly what you need to be making videos about and how to upload them, along with some other video strategies.

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To your Success,

Adam Boyd

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