Find Your Content Marketing Strategy- 3 Killer Techniques – Part 2

content marketing strategy

content marketingHaving a good content marketing strategy is so important when it comes to building your business and brand online.  In today’s world, having an online presence is an absolute must.  That’s why I wanted to put this miniseries together to give you a few ideas on how to form a content marketing strategy that spreads the word about your business and gets you loads of traffic and leads.  If you missed the first part, go back and see it here.  In this part, concluding the miniseries, I’m going to give you my 3 top content marketing techniques that have lead to 1000 visitors / day on this blog and around 15-20 leads a day for my business.  These strategies are the bomb, so make sure you not only hear and understand what I’m saying, but actually get off your butt and put them into action. Take this blueprint and build an online empire, You can do it!

1. Article Marketing- Content Marketing Strategy #1

Article marketing is where it’s at.  Basically, this is how I get the majority of my traffic.  The strategy consists of a few steps.  content marketingFirst of all, you have to create your blog post/ article.  If you don’t like writing and have some money, go to and pay someone $5 to write you an article.  It could be how to videos, product/service reviews, MLM reviews, Online marketingcontent marketing company reviews, daily action plans, affiliate programs (posting for profit), inspirational, mindset, events in your life…or pretty much whatever you want to write about.  What you really want to do is go to the Google Keyword Tool and find some keywords that are getting searches, that don’t have too much competition.  I go over this in depth in my Viral Explosion Bootcamp, so make sure to go get that now.

Next, you want to take your article and spin in.  Basically, this is where you make your content unique.  Your google ranking for those keywords will depend a lot on your link popularity.  What you want is as many websites as possible linking back to your website.  These are called backlinks.  Generally speaking, the more high quality backlinks you have, the higher you will rank.
When you spin your content, you want to create hundreds if not thousands of unique versions of your article.  For example, instead of saying “this is how you have success” you will spin the content to look like this “{this is|here is|See} {just how|exactly how|how} {you|you can} {find|have|experience} success.”  That way, everytime you submit the article to an article directory (sites that let you publish articles on their site), it will look unique and natural.  If you posted the same article on all these sites, you would look real guilty.  Google likes unique, natural links, and they will penalize you if they realize you’re submitting all these articles across the web just to get your stuff to rank.  It could take hours to spin a whole article unless you have a tool like The Best Spinner.  I usually spin it to 40-60% unique and it works well.

content marketingThe last step in this process is submitting your spun content to the article directories.  The more directories with unique content that points back to your site, the more traffic you are going to get.  Plus, you’ll get ranked higher in the search engines.  You are going to want to spin your title, your summary, the body, and your resource box.  You can learn how to properly use the resource box at this article or by getting my bootcamp on the right.  This is basically where you advertising (or put links) that link back to your blog post.  That’s how you get the traffic.  Make sure to make your keyword a link that points back to your article.  You can use a free tool called Myspace link generator to do this (google it). If you want the #1 article marketing submissions software so you can submit your post to thousands of article directories and websites with a few clicks, check out Article Marketing Robot. This is the best tool I have when it comes to getting my content ranked. Here’s some proof that I actually am ranking for highly competitive keywords:

content marketing

I know I’m jamming a lot of info into this post, but you’re gonna have to get my bootcamp if you want it step by step.  It’s a lot easier than you think.

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To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

p.s.  If you don’t have a blog, make sure to get your hands on my bootcamp by putting your email in on the right. If you want to get a blog setup for you to avoid the technical stuff, make sure to take a look at Empower Network.  This blog is 100% ready to go, plus you get 100% commissions on every sale when you promote it.   It also is on an established domain and has thousands of backlinks coming to it everyday…that means immediate ranking power instead of waiting a few months to get your site even close to the first page.  If I had this when I first got in the industry, I would’ve made 10x the money and would have saved hundreds of hours of my time.

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