Find Your Content Marketing Strategy- 3 Killer Techniques – Part 1

content marketing strategy

content marketing strategy

Start Operating on the Laws of Traffic

What drives traffic on the internet?  This is a very broad questions but plays a huge role in understanding your content marketing strategy.   If you’re like me, you don’t go around looking for a bunch of boring shit on the internet to check out.  From what I’ve seen, you go to the internet for a few different reasons.  It could be to be social, to find information, or to be entertained.

Let’s look at the top traffic sites on the internet right now.  Google (information), Facebook (Social), Twitter (Social), Youtube (Social, Entertainment), Yahoo (Social, Information), Wikipedia (Information), BlogSpot (Information, Entertainment), LinkedIn (Social).   If you really want to position yourself in the right position, you need to look at what drives traffic, find out why it gets traffic, and start implementing those ideas into your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy- To Socialize, Inform, and Entertain

content marketing strategyFor example, if you see that people love watching youtube videos….you need to ask why.  IMO, people want to watch Youtube videos to be entertained.  They probably couldn’t find anything good to watch on TV, so they went to Youtube to find some funny videos.  Maybe they just need a laugh, or  they want to tune into alternative media, or watch some conspiracy videos, or just get caught up with recent events.  Or they want to see something really cool or shocking.  They want to be entertained, that’s the idea.

The next blog post you make, add a video from Youtube that is related to the subject you are talking about.  Add pictures, headers, and bullet points so people are entertained when they read your article.  A lot of times people get ADD with their web surfing and won’t stay long at a website with just a title and a bunch of words.  Most people don’t want to just sit there and look at a boring ass page, so make it engaging and entertaining.  Adding a video really helps decrease your bounce rate and will keep your audience happy.

Content Marketing Strategy- Be Yourself!

I think the problem that many people in our niche have is the fact that we aren’t focusing enough on the visitor.  We find out how to do stuff that helped us, or we write about something that is on our mind, we write reviews/how-to’s and many other different things without actually thinking about what our visitors want to see.  Now don’t get me wrong, we all have a target market and our only job is to be the solution to whatever problems they are having in their life.  BUT, we are leaving pushing a lot of people away from our business that could potentially want to get involved.  Here’s the thing, our content marketingcontent marketing strategy strategy doesn’t need to always be about business, business, business.

Think about it like this, compared to the billions of people on the internet, there is a very small group that is interested in business/marketing.  Out of that group, there is an even smaller percentage of people that are buyers.  That’s a market we are all trying to tap into but it’s like we’re trying to get the slice when there is a whole pie there.  I don’t care what you say, everyone is interesting is making more money, especially if it takes less work and time than what they are already doing.

If you start doing whatever you can to get traffic to your blog, there will be a certain percentage of people who will be interested in what you are doing.  More people will get involved with you if they realize they don’t have to be a boring asshole to make money.  More people in your warm market will join you because they know it’s not always business.  They can be themselves and make money doing it.  That’s what it’s all about, being yourself.  People love real people, and people will love and respect you if you do have your own ideas and personality instead of being the person you think they want you to be.

Check out this video I made almost a year ago on why you should be marketing online.  You may be wondering, “why should I use content marketing at all?”  This video explains why I do what I do:

Make sure to stop back tomorrow to hear the 3 content marketing strategies that I use.  I planned on putting this in one article but started ranting again.  In part 2, I’m going to be giving you 3 different things you can add to your marketing strategy that will increase your traffic, leads, and sales.  We all know the more traffic you get, the more leads you will get, the more sales and customers you will have.  Leaders know how to use content marketing to become more attractive to other people.

>>Click Here for Part 2<<

To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

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