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When I first got in the industry, I tried to do everything myself.  I did some of the most crazy things you could possibly think of to find people to join my business.  I tried convincing family and friends, wandering around malls, hanging up flyers, doing meetings, pounding cold leads over the phone…everything.  And for me, none of it worked.  All the things that I was told to do was not giving me the results that I wanted.

I was struggling to pay my bills at the time and was racking up debt.  I decided, somewhat foolishly, to quit my job and go full time in my business.  To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing.  But I made a decision that day, that I was going to make it happen.  I was going to do everything in my power to find out what is working now and start taking massive action.  As I look back, I now know that that one decision changed my life.  My back was against the wall, but I knew I could make it happen.

One day I was searching on the internet for different ways to market my business.  I’m pretty good with computers, so I figured there must be a way to tap into the billions of people who use the internet.  I was in Business school at the time, and I knew there was a change going on in the marketplace.  No longer were people being mass advertised into making buying decisions.  People were starting to block out all of the advertisements that bombard them everyday.  People were so afraid of being sold, they wouldn’t give you the time of day.  That’s why more large corporations and small businesses alike started moving into the online world.

Anyways, as all this is going on, I’m realizing there are people out there looking for someone like me.   There are millions of people searching for an opportunity to live their dream lifestyle and quit their crappy job.  This is about numbers, and the internet is the best place to get the word out about your business.  That’s if you know what you’re doing.

One day I was searching in google “how to get more leads for your business.”  Just trying to find someone who could give me an answer to my problems.  I ran across a homeless man named David Wood who had went from living in a van to making millions of dollars a year living on the beaches of Costa Rice.  He was talking about how he had found a “secret” way to get more leads for any business.  He showed me what it takes to make money online….all without ever spending a single minute with me on the phone.

He was talking about something that was so new and revolutionary to me…and be honest, I thought he was a tap bit on the crazy side.  But I’ll tell you what:  I couldn’t stop following the guy!  I was so attracted to the process that he put me through, and I thought to myself…”if this wild homeless man can do it, I can too.”  And damnit, at that very moment, I pulled out my credit card, and bought everything.  It was amazing,

I literally bought everything Dave was promoting (even spent my last $500 on a course he created)…and it was always well worth it.   I went to ever webinar and coaching call he did.  I practically felt like this guy was one of my friends, because of the fact that he was real.  People are looking for other real people out there.  They’re tired of all the shananagins.  All the bullcrap.  All the fluff, the nonsense.  Aren’t you?

That same process that I went through is the same one that you may be going through with me.  I’ve based my business on what Dave Wood, the #1 earner in 4 different network marketing companies, has been able to do.  Be myself, be empowered, don’t play games, and cut out all the BS.  My life changed when I found the right mentor.  And that’s why I’m glad you’re here, trying to connect with me.

I’m gonna be completely honest with you.  You aren’t here to be sold or to listen to any hype or BS.  You’re here because you’re ready to make a change in your life, and you’re dead set on doing whatever it takes to make it happen.  If you’ve made a decision, and you’re just looking for a mentor that will show you the way…I may be willing to work with you.

Here’s the truth:  because this blog is getting around 1000 visitors a day, and I’m generating around 20 leads a day just from this blog and my youtube channel, I get numerous calls everyday from people wanting so bad to join whatever I’m doing.  Sometime even begging me to give them a few minutes of my time.  They see a video or read a blog post, and just want to buy into what I’m doing.

I do spend time with my team members, but my time is limited.  I honestly don’t have time to take every call that I get from people.  I don’t even have time to call back all the people that leave messages wanting to join me.  This isn’t about the money to me, this is about the time freedom.  I’m not going to be a mentor that will call you everyday, hold your hand, and beg you to do something.

Yea, I’ll give you damn near everything you know to build a six figure income, but I can’t guarantee that you will do what I tell you.  I’ll give you assignments…if you don’t follow them, I can’t help you.  I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it.  Will you do it?  I don’t know.  But I will give you action steps to follow if you want to produce results in your business.

Here’s the deal: there’s only so many hours in the day for me to help people while I live my life.  So if you’re really looking to stick out, just get in and start producing some results.  That’s how you get my attention.  It’s not by calling me whining that you did one little thing and the computer isn’t spitting out commissions yet.  It’s not saying, “I just need someone to hold my hand and answer every single phone call and question I have all the time.”  It’s not telling me you’ve tried everything and you’re not convinced that it actually works.  I don’t care if you think it works or not, I don’t have time to try to convince anyone to do anything.  Do you want to have a life, or do you want to be a slave?  That’s my question to you.

So no, I’m not a telemarketer or a tech person.  If you have tech questions, you can find some solutions on my Youtube channel.  If not, do what I did.  Google it or search it on Youtube.  There are answers to literally every technical problem out there, so don’t waste my time with those sorts of questions.  If you’re ready to get going with ZNZ or Empower Network, you can call me…if I don’t pick up leave a message on my Voicemail.  If you don’t leave a message, you will not hear from me.  So don’t be a weenie…if you’re a good person that has serious questions or needs some guidance, I’m happy to help.

Make sure to let me know, “I’m ready to get started” in the message.  Most of the time,  I only call people that are dead set serious and are willing to do whatever it takes.  People that are willing to run with me and have already made a decision to take massive action.

If you’re someone who joined those businesses with someone else, don’t expect for me to call and spend a couple hours helping you get everything all sorted out.  I honestly don’t have the time for it, because I put my team first.  They will get the time that I do spend on the phone before people who, to be completely honest, I don’t get paid to help out.  That might sound cruel, but it’s because I value my time.  If I spent all my time with people that didn’t buy something from me, I’d never have any time to actually go out and produce results that make me money.  You see what I’m getting at?

For people in that position, don’t feel bad and don’t take this the wrong way.  You can still get access to my free bootcamp, you can go steal the strategies in that and apply it to your business.  That’s what it’s there for.  Alternatively, you could just quit being a weenie and get the Empower Network blog because you know that you need one.  You may be scared of the idea of setting up a blog and a system, with capture pages and sales videos, and sales pages, and email followups, driving traffic, testing conversions, and all that fun stuff.

That’s why Empower was created, to help people like you who don’t want to deal with all that techie stuff.  You just want something cheap that you can get that will give you a platform to make good money online.  With Empower, there’s no need to become some guru and create your own funnels and products to make the gangster money.  You just use the blogging system, follow the strategies that are in the products, and earn 100% commissions on all the products you sell.  It’s pretty much like you’re owning your own company without all the overhead.

If you have the entrepreneurial mindset, you know how badass that is.  Quit questioning everything, and just make a decision.  That’s how you get into my Inner Circle.  If you want to personally mastermind with my team and I, that’s the best way to do it.  You can also get ahold of me by calling my cell phone number 269-365-6797 (But please, don’t call just to waste my time).  Also you can click any of the links below to connect with me on my social networks (which I visit on a daily basis).  Or you can send me an email at  I do answer almost all emails that are sent to me by real people with real issues or questions.  That’s doesn’t take up too much of my time so if you haven’t got involved with anything that I’m doing or bought any products, that’s probably the best way for you to get ahold of me.  Thanks for reading this all the way through…I just wanted to address some things just so you’ll understand why sometimes it’s a little hard to get ahold of me.

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