“Chunking to Abstraction”- Learn how to ask the Right Questions

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chunkingI’m going to give you a concept today that will definitely help you in your MLM prospecting and closing. It’s called Chunking to Abstraction.  This is something I heard in a training I recently purchased that absolutely skyrocketed my results with prospecting and closing.  Whoever controls the level of abstraction will always control the conversation. When asking people questions, everything you ask needs to be either: more abstract or more specific.

After you introduce yourself and make sure they have time to talk, ask them what they do for a living.  They will tell you.  Then find out more about their job and current financial situation.  Ask what they like about it, what they don’t like about, and ask them why they are looking for another way to make money.  Find that need.  Now ask them if they were to get involved, how much would they want to make per month for it to be worth their while.  They will be specific and tell you exactly how much money they want to make.  They will say something like $4000 per month.   Remember, You need to find the core need. So chunk up by being more abstract.

Here’s an example of chunking up:

They might say “I want to make 2-3000 per month.”

Then, ask “how much time do you have to devote per week to making that 2-3000 per month?”

They might say “15 hours a week.”

Then ask them “what would an extra 2-3000 per month do for you that you don’t have now?”

They might say, “oh I’d be able to pay the bills and travel more.”

You’d say, “so if you were able to pay the bills and travel more, and were making an extra 2-3000 per month, what would that give you that you don’t have now?”  Build the vision in their mind of what it would be like if they truly had all the things they desired.  Find out what it is besides money that they want to do.  Build that rapport, and find what it is that they really want ie their core need.  A lot of people have a button that if you push it, if you find it, they will join you in almost anything you do.

When there are objections, like I don’t have the money, or I don’t want to get involved, chunk down. Ask them to be more specific. If they say “I don’t want to be involved with one of those things.” Say to them, “what specifically do you mean by those things?”

They might say “oh you know, those scams where everyone makes money off each other.”

Then ask, “specifically, what do you mean by those things where people scam each other into joining a business?”

They might say “I don’t want to be involved with an illegal pyramid scheme.”

Finally you say, “So if I could show you a way to make an extra 2-3000 per month working 15 hours a week, and it wasn’t an illegal pyramid scam, so you could pay your bills and travel more, would you take me absolutely dead serious on that?”  Most likely they will say yes. Then take them through the presentation process.

If done properly, objections will dissolve when you continue to get as specific as possible, and once you solve the very specific objection, you have overcome the main objections. This is just one way to overcome objections and sponsor more people.  It really is about learning to ask the right questions.  Leaders know how to motivate other people around them.  I once heard a saying “a leader is someone who gets other people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done without the leader.”  You have to get them to find it in themselves to take action.

I guess if you want to go with the simple “hey nice to meet you, now join my business,” you can, but I’ve found asking needs based questions and listening to be the best way to sponsor people. It’s about posture, you know.  You have to believe in yourself because if you don’t, neither will they.  I hope you got some value out of this concept.

To Your Success,

Adam Boyd

p.s. If you want to learn more prospecting strategies, make sure to fill in your name and email on the right side of the screen.  I’ll give you a free video bootcamp that will show you how to generate more leads for your business.

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